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Remember what we work for - love not money.
We are a small family business founded at Lake Vyrnwy in Mid-Wales in 1991 with the aim of producing and selling traditional crafts. Our products are made from wool, wood, clay and wheat (corn dollies), all of which come from UK sources.

We manufacture knitting and weaving equipment out of wood, rugs and bags out of wool, as well as producing a wide variety of hand spun and knitted items. We also have a variety of felting supplies, including merino tops, felting needles and needle holders. For the full range of products that we manufacture and stock please see the Products and Sales pages of the main website.

We are Ashford Dealers and either stock, or can obtain to order, the full range of their equipment. See our Sales page for the full range of products that we currently have in stock. If there is an item, or items, that we do not have on the sales pages, or that show up as out of stock, please email and we can see about getting them (see Contact).

We have recently relocated to Stoke-on-Trent where we have an industrial unit where we continue to manufacture our products. There is no public access to this unit so we now rely on selling our goods at events, or on the Internet (see Sales) or through our permanent outlets.
Richard Baddiley
Richard manufactures all of the wooden equipment by hand in our workshop.
Janet Baddiley
Janet is the textile, corn dolly and pottery expert, who produces all of the finished items – from woven wool rugs and bags, to traditionally-made corn dollies, and terracotta worms.
William Baddiley
Graduate of the University of Birmingham and general dogsbody.
Daniel's Delights
We also trade as Daniel’s Delights Promotions, attending food festivals with our family’s chocolate.
Guild of Strawcraftsmen
We are members of the Guild of Strawcraftsmen. For more information click the logo.
4 mm nylon peg
4 mm pegs shown above are the finest available and can be used for weaving one or two strands of ordinary knitting yarn.

Useful for small bags or belts that don’t need to be especially strong. 
Available in 25 cm and 50 cm widths. 
5 mm nylon peg
Only available with our kits.

25 cm width.
6 mm nylon peg
6 mm pegs are our largest in nylon. Why nylon not beech? Please see the FAQ section. 
Useful for bags, hangings and fairly fine rugs. 
Available in all widths. 
6 mm beech peg
6 mm Beech pegs shown here are our finest beech peg. Why? See FAQ. 
Useful for bags, hangings and fairly fine rugs. 
Available in all widths. 
8 mm beech peg
8 mm beech pegs are our ‘general purpose’ pegs.

Strong and durable this size can be used for bags, hangings and rugs from material or fleece. 
Available in all widths. 
10 mm beech peg
10 mm beech pegs are our large peg.

Mainly used for rugs from a variety of materials. 
Available in all widths. 
Double row 6 mm & 10 
Two rows of pegs giving the usage options detailed above.

Available in 75 cm width.
Why use nylon pegs rather than beech?
For peg sizes below 6 mm the hole that is drilled through the peg would leave very little wood either side of the hole resulting in a very weak peg. Nylon is stronger. 
Whilst beech pegs are usually strong enough in our 6 mm size rough treatment can break the pegs so we do not advise them for use where children or animals are present.
What width should I use?
This, of course, depends on what projects you have in mind but it is difficult to join pieces along the length. It is not necessary to use the full width of any pegloom so it is easier to get one as wide as the maximum width of project you think you may want to make. You can always leave out pegs for a narrower project.
How does it work?

What should I use for warp threads?
Use whatever will be strong enough for the project in mind. Craft Cotton is useful for rugs but yarn can be used for projects such as wall hangings, cushion covers etc.
With what can I weave?
Basically anything that is in strip form. Experiment with fabric, yarn, fleece, string, cellophane paper, et.
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Fire and Fibre
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